About Licensing Service Center


The catworkx Licensing Service Center offers.catworkx.com is a platform that catworkx customers can use to quickly and easily compile their individual license offerings from Atlassian software and apps. This portal is purely a request portal and does not provide any price information.

Automated processes ensure that all data in this portal is up-to-date and available. All information used here regarding the applications and apps is obtained from the Atlassian Marketplace (marketplace.atlassian.com).

The Licensing Service Center is a comprehensive solution that allows you to keep track of your inquiries and later your license information: Once you have put together your individual offer, catworkx will promptly provide you with an offer for Atlassian software and apps licenses tailored to your needs. The catworkx license department assists you in compiling and sending your license request and in processing it quickly. After you have placed an order with catworkx, you can view and manage your license information for all applications and apps on this Service Center. You are also able to view the invoices you have received.

Disclaimer: All rights to the applications and apps listed here, to their description and to the images used are reserved exclusively by the respective software manufacturers. catworkx is merely an intermediary which, as an Atlassian Platinum Partner, wishes to offer its customers an improved offering experience via the License Service Center. This Service Center serves only as an input channel for inquiries and for later license management and therefore contains no price information.

Note for app vendors: If you are a vendor offering apps on the Atlassian Marketplace and do not want your apps to be listed on offers.catworkx.com, please notify us by email (info-de@catworkx.com). We will then immediately remove your apps from offers.catworkx.com.

If an app is free in the Atlassian Marketplace, this app will be free as well in our offers of course!