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Attachment Download for Confluence
Attachment Download for Confluence
More details Confluence Attachment Download features & benefits. Using this Add-on prevents problems with URLs to attachments changing even when the page title and attachment filename remain the same. This can happen when you restore a...
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  • Notifications - ScriptRunner Confluence
    Notifications - ScriptRunner Confluence
    More details ❗IMPORTANT: The Notifications is now entirely integrated within ScriptRunner for Confluence and is no longer supported. You can now find the same functionality (with improvements) directly in ScriptRunner. ❗ Notifications...
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  • Kanoah CRM for Jira
    Kanoah CRM for Jira
    More details Kanoah CRM organizes and streamlines your sales process right inside Jira. Track deals, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team right inside Jira. Kanoah CRM is designed to make tracking your deals as...
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  • Kanoah Checklist for Jira
    Kanoah Checklist for Jira
    More details Create fields using a checklist type custom field. Use drag-and-drop to reorder items. Define default items for fields. See history of custom field's value changes. See checklist fields on issue search results. Add checklist...
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  • Enhanced Search (JQL & Subqueries)
    Enhanced Search (JQL & Subqueries)
    More details ➡️ Enhanced Search for Jira significantly extends Jira's search capabilities, enabling a comprehensive, more precise level of searching. Common, critical real-world search scenarios which are unsupported by native Jira are...
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  • Encryption for Jira
    Encryption for Jira
    More details Why choose Encryption for Jira Easy to configure so you can get started in seconds Must have Jira admin tool for helping to comply with GDPR regulations World class customer support Benefits Protect your corporate secrets in...
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  • Learn for Jira
    Learn for Jira
    More details Join us for a webinar discussing how to Scale Jira learning! “A lot of the time when you do training, it says, ‘This is X and how you do it.’ I like that Adaptavist Learn says, ‘This is why you do X.'" - Robbie...
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  • ScriptRunner for Bamboo
    ScriptRunner for Bamboo
    More details Go beyond what you thought possible in Bamboo with Groovy scripts. 🚦 Total flexibility to create and run custom tasks Easy access to the Bamboo Specs API to create and execute tasks dynamically, based on parameters such...
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  • AutoBlocks for Jira
    AutoBlocks for Jira
    More details Based on the Google Blockly Framework ; AutoBlocks is a virtual whiteboard that democratises automation for Jira users, enabling Jira customisation with easy, drag-and-drop technology. Empower Jira users to build their own...
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  • Translate Field Options for Jira
    Translate Field Options for Jira
    More details Translate Field Options aims to solve multiple use cases as detailed in this ticket When an organisation uses Jira across multiple countries and dialects, users may want/need to use Jira in their native language. Jira will...
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  • Adaptavist Assistant
    Adaptavist Assistant
    More details This app helps your team make the most of Assist, our on-demand Atlassian administration as a service offering. The Assistant gives you instant access to our team of expert Jira and Confluence admins, removing the burden of...
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