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Akeles Consulting is a Singapore company established in 2008 and has been an Atlassian Solution Partner since. Our key focus is to provide Atlassian solutions.
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Gauge Gadget
Gauge Gadget
More details Gauge Gadget is a collection of gauges that allows users to effectively see how many issues there are in a particular filter in a convenient manner. These gadgets have further configurations that allow you to set the minimum...
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  • Countdown Timer
    Countdown Timer
    More details This plugin displays a countdown timer based on a given date. The detailed documentation for the plugin is available at Do check out our other addons .
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  • Multiple Filters Chart Gadget
    Multiple Filters Chart Gadget
    More details Allows users to compare the results of multiple filters across time in a single chart or data table Also allow you to group multiple options into your desired grouping. E.g grouping country custom field value into regions...
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  • Out Of Office Assistant
    Out Of Office Assistant
    More details It will help to prevent untended issues and improve response time by reassigning it automatically based on rules for different projects. It will help to improve customer service satisfaction with a comment to let them know...
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  • Countdown Gadget
    Countdown Gadget
    More details The gadget displays a clock counting down to a specific date, useful for counting down to events, deadlines etc. Detailed documentation is available at For counting down on...
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  • Calendar Heatmap Gadget
    Calendar Heatmap Gadget
    More details Other reporting gadgets that might be useful to you Multiple Filters Chart Gadgets Gauge Gadget Calendar Heatmap Gadget Countdown Gadget SQL Reporter for Jira
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  • Menu Gadget
    Menu Gadget
    More details Organise your filters to display what is needed in your dashboards Tidy up your dashboard and make it less messy Categorise filters into groups Adding alias to your filters to make it user friendly An alternative for...
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  • Hinch Panels
    Hinch Panels
    More details *This app is Data Center compatible, pending approval process.
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  • Three Dimensional Date Gadgets
    Three Dimensional Date Gadgets
    More details It is a collection of gadgets to allow users to visualize date related trends on the issues. Other reporting gadgets that might be useful to you Multiple Filters Chart Gadgets Calendar Heatmap Gadget Countdown Gadget Gauge...
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  • Attachment Checker for Jira
    Attachment Checker for Jira
    More details Attachment Checker for Jira allows admin to secure their Jira instance by Whitelisting / Blacklisting file types (JRA-13684 , JRA-61024 ) Limiting the number of attachments per issue Restricting attachments with duplicate...
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  • Inspire for Confluence
    Inspire for Confluence
    More details There are no additional details.
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  • Attachment Checker for Confluence
    Attachment Checker for Confluence
    More details The Attachment Checker for Confluence plugin allows admins to secure their Confluence instances by ensuring conformance of authorised file formats detection of infected files avoid circulation of virus infected files via...
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