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Artemis Software has been an Atlassian Expert Partner since 2004. Artemis has transitioned to primarily Confluence add-on development. We are always interested additionally to discuss new add-on implementations or enhancements to our existing suite of add-ons.
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Copy Page Tree
Copy Page Tree
More details Confluence AddOn that adds a "Page Tree Copy" action to copy an entire page tree/hierarchy. The Plugin supports adjustments of page names to avoid problems with page name duplication. Copies can be saved to the...
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  • 3,332
  • MultiExcerpt
    More details The multi excerpt plugin has similar features to the Confluence excerpt macro, but additionally allows for including multiple named excerpts from a single page and can pull excerpts together from multiple spaces. It now also...
  • 4
  • 3,257
  • HTML Macro for Confluence Cloud
    HTML Macro for Confluence Cloud
    More details add HTML to your pages (optionally sanitized) add JavaScript to your pages embed HTML/JavaScript from other websites
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  • 1,721
  • Survey and Vote Macros
    Survey and Vote Macros
    More details The Survey app allows Confluence users to take a survey consisting of several questions. Survey allows users to rank questions with a numerical ranking from 1 to 5 (by default) or they can be ranked using a custom iteration...
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  • 1,638
  • Flow Board
    Flow Board
    More details Flow Board is the flexible and visual way to organize lists of cards. Flow Board lets you see everything you've captured across multiple lists in a single glance. Create on the fly boards, lists and cards with zero...
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  • 1,586
  • Copy Space for Confluence
    Copy Space for Confluence
    More details Copy Space allows a space administrator to copy a space, including the pages within the space, but excluding (so far)page history, blog posts and email.
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  • 986
  • Easy Forms for Confluence
    Easy Forms for Confluence
    More details Easy Forms offers a very simple drag and drop interface to quickly both create forms, update forms and then report on the results. Other features include: Drag and drop to rearrange fields Fast editing of forms and updates...
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  • 661
  • Log Downloader
    Log Downloader
    More details Simple tool allowing Confluence administrators to download Confluence logs directly from the Confluence Admin UI (rather than needing to access the underlying Linux/Mac/Windows servers).
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  • 351
  • Send Email to Page
    Send Email to Page
    More details The Send-Email-To-Page plugin allows users or workflows to send emails to any page on the server. Those emails can optionally create new pages, add comments to existing pages, append and prepend content in an existing page,...
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  • 243
  • People Directory Plus
    People Directory Plus
    More details The fastest way for Confluence users to list and find both people and their details. Though a bit like the built in Confluence People Directory it is much more quickly navigated for both large and small numbers of users....
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  • 122
  • WC extension for Google and ScreenCast
    WC extension for Google and ScreenCast
    More details Making short videos with Jing, Camtasia, Screenflow and others is often by far the most efficient way to communicate an idea, concept, issues, walk through, etc.Unlike posting a video to YouTube you can keep your video...
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  • Bulk User Upload Management Utility
    Bulk User Upload Management Utility
    More details The Bulk User Upload macro allows you to use the contents of a CSV file to create or modify several users in one operation. Update user information such as: email, full name, IM, company, location, etc. Modify group...
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