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The Bitbucket Server Backup Client contains two command-line programs that can be used to backup and restore a Bitbucket Server.

The backup client generates a full backup of a Bitbucket Server. The command-line tool is easily scriptable and is intended for use in regular, scheduled backups.

The restore client restores a Bitbucket Server from a backup file. It can restore to a new database if the original database is not available (for instance, in case of a hardware failure).

The Bitbucket Server Backup Client requires Java 8 or above. Due to a bug in Java, it requires the additional command line option "-noverify" when running on Java 8u11. For more details on the problem, see BSERV-5069 .

You can find more information about the Bitbucket Server Backup Client on the Bitbucket Server data recovery and backups page .

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