BizTalk Adapters for Jira

BizTalk Adapters for Jira

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Product information "BizTalk Adapters for Jira"

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Powerful BizTalk Adapters that allow you to easily connect BizTalk Server with live Jira project management through standard orchestrations. Use the Jira Adapters to synchronize with Jira Projects, Groups, Workflows, etc. Perfect for data synchronization, local back-ups, workflow automation, and more!

  • Similar to the BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server but for Jira entities :Projects, Groups, Workflows, etc.
  • Supports meta-data discovery and schema generation for Jira entities.
  • Includes a Receive Adapter and a two-way Send Adapter with support for updategrams, stored procedures, and queries.

1-2-3 Easy Steps to BizTalk Integration

It is easy to process Jira entities in a BizTalk Orchestration.

  • Configure a Receive Location.
  • Generate the Schema for a chosen Jira entity.
  • Design the BizTalk Workflow using standard BizTalk techniques.

To update, insert, or delete Jira entities simply configure a Send Port and bind it to receive updategrams.

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