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More details Code reviews are an important part in successful software projects,... more
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Code reviews are an important part in successful software projects, but it's not always clear who should review a pull request. With this app, repository maintainers can configure which persons and groups need to review a pull request using the concept of code owners.

Code owners are engineers who own a specific code area. They are people who know this area of code really well and are very interested that the code quality stays great. The main idea is that if a developer wants to provide a bug fix or a new feature, they first have to check that with the code owner of that section.

To configure this mapping between code owners and files, the app uses a configuration file called CODEOWNERS. Here's an example: to make sure that all React.js components will be reviewed by the team "ReactGurus", you can define a rule in the file CODEOWNERS like follows:

/src/components/**/*.js @@ReactGurus

The app will then make sure that somebody from that team will review changes in these components.

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