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Comalatech is a Canadian software company providing solutions within the Atlassian ecosystem. Employing team members worldwide, the company is committed to creating user-friendly products that enhance collaboration in today's fast moving workplace.
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Comala Document Management
Comala Document Management
More details (Formerly Comala Workflows) Powerful document management and process control comes to Confluence with Comala Document Management's reviews, approvals, tasks, and read confirmations. Customize approval workflows to create,...
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  • Comala Metadata
    Comala Metadata
    More details Comala Metadata makes it easy to reference snippets of page data on different pages. The Metadata Plugin can generate summary tables automatically to contain as many columns of metadata per page as you need. In fact, you can...
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  • Comala Document Control
    Comala Document Control
    More details Manage your Confluence content with Comala Document Control's review and approval processes. Build your own approval processes, or select from three unique Comalatech-created approval workflows Include one or more reviewers...
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  • Comala Publishing
    Comala Publishing
    More details Comala Publishing, (formerly Ad hoc Publishing) provides between-space publishing. Publish from draft spaces to published spaces Track what pages and spaces are in sync Publish entire spaces or single pages Copy entire...
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  • Comala Lists
    Comala Lists
    More details Organize, categorize, and visualize your pages with configurable checklists. Comala Lists allows you to create your own checklists using labels, metadata, wiki content or page attributes: Review, categorize and organize your...
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  • Comala Canvas for Jira
    Comala Canvas for Jira
    More details Your Boards. Your way. Organize your issues as cards: simply drag them to transition, change priorities, reschedule, or assign. Agile boards (Kanban or Scrum) for any of your projects Planning mode keeps teams on track and...
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  • Comala Boards for Confluence
    Comala Boards for Confluence
    More details Visually create and manage your pages, projects and tasks with Comala Boards. Get visual fast and take your ideas from concept to delivery in a flash. Brainstorm your ideas into cards, add the details to pages Insert a SWOT...
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  • Comala Boards for Confluence Cloud
    Comala Boards for Confluence Cloud
    More details Use Comala Boards to visualize your ideas and organize your pages in Confluence. Write ideas into cards then convert into pages. Build your own, or choose from boards including: Project Retrospective, Product Roadmap, Agile...
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  • Comala Share It
    Comala Share It
    More details Have you ever wanted to share a page with your lawyer, or send a document to a customer without giving them access to your Confluence instance? With Comala Share It, you can easily share pages and attachments outside of...
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  • Comala Document Approval
    Comala Document Approval
    More details Use Comala Document Approval to add simple reviews and approvals to your Confluence pages or spaces. Assign one or more reviewers to sign off on content Visual indicators on approved and draft pages Separated views for...
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  • Comala Remote Publishing
    Comala Remote Publishing
    More details Use Remote Publishing for Comala Document Management to publish content from one Confluence instance to a separate instance. Whenever content is updated and approved in the source instance it can automatically update the...
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  • Comala Agile Ranking
    Comala Agile Ranking
    More details Comala Agile Ranking improves agile planning by allowing teams to rank their issues by type, organize the needs of different stakeholders, and to define priorities along specific perspectives. Organize Scrum sprints...
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