CryptoPhoto 2FA/2-Factor Authentication

CryptoPhoto 2FA/2-Factor Authentication

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More details CryptoPhoto literally blocks phishing. Potential victims cannot be... more
Product information "CryptoPhoto 2FA/2-Factor Authentication"

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CryptoPhoto literally blocks phishing. Potential victims cannot be tricked into revealing passwords - not by web sites, not by phone calls, and not in person.

CryptoPhoto neutralizes stolen passwords. Keyloggers and shoulder surfing are no longer useful threats to attackers or observers.

CryptoPhoto Features:

  • Blocks Phishing
  • Neutralizes keyloggers
  • Is easy to understand
  • Is cheap or even free to deploy to the providing web site, or to end users
  • Can be added to existing customer materials (eg: printed on the spare space on existing bank/credit cards, included in postal mailings, etc).
  • Is durable, waterproof, needs no batteries, and doesn't expire.
  • Solves software oversights (eg: unencrypted laptop hibernation files, web breakins, etc)
  • Can function offline (eg: over a telephone)
  • Mitigates or prevents other potential user mistakes, like:
    • Telling people their password (willfully, by deception, or under duress)
    • Writing down passwords
    • Shoulder surfing
    • Password "Managers", and form fillers etc.
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