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Customer reports for Jira Service Desk
Customer reports for Jira Service Desk
More details Provide transparency to your customers Get real time statistics about Jira Service Desk requests. Generate custom Jira Service Desk reports in real time: SLAs info (SLA met & breached). Filter your requests to obtain more...
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  • Fiesta
    More details Define and manage as many user calendars as you need in Jira. KEY FEATURES The information in Fiesta is available thanks to a powerful API REST. Thanks to its design, the Fiesta API REST gives you access to this information...
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  • Dashboard Utilities
    Dashboard Utilities
    More details Clone Jira Dashboards easily without scripting. Dashboard Utilities enables you easily to clone any Jira dashboards individually but also you can clone a group of them thanks to a built-scheme element. Our cloning process...
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  • Tail Log
    Tail Log
    More details Normally when Jira Admins want to access the log they can access the log file, this process is not so fast and sometimes tricky. With Tail Log is super easy to access in real time to Jira Logs
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  • Workflows Searcher for Jira
    Workflows Searcher for Jira
    More details It is so common to install add-ons, specially when you are trying some of them finding the one that fits with your needs. However, as a Jira administrator, you don't really know what they are changing in your valuable Jira...
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  • Template Ops
    Template Ops
    More details Template Ops brings you more freedom to manage your Confluence templates between different instances or spaces preserving their variables and macros as well as format. Features are listed below: Export and import global...
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  • Applinks Extension for Jira
    Applinks Extension for Jira
    More details Applinks Extension for Jira extend the workflow operations to allow developers to automatically create branches and pull request in Stash on issue state transitions, making these tasks more convenient and faster besides...
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  • SQA Defects
    SQA Defects
    More details Both the software and the specifications have been built by CINI & DEISER. This Add-On intends to calculate a different set of Metrics and KPIs related with the quality of a software product. The main purpose of the AddOn is...
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