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Agent REST APIs for Bamboo
Agent REST APIs for Bamboo
More details There are no additional details.
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  • bamboo-ssh-plugin
    More details Thanks to Jörg Schoberlechner
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  • Freemind plugin for Confluence
    Freemind plugin for Confluence
    More details Allows you to choose from any .mm attachment to be displayed as interactive map.
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  • Assign & Escalate for Jira
    Assign & Escalate for Jira
    More details There are no additional details.
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  • Integration for All! Integration for All!
    More details There are no additional details.
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  • Pipeline Flow for Bamboo
    Pipeline Flow for Bamboo
    More details Visualize jobs and stages for any pipeline, including parallel jobs and deployments Enable Deployment Environments to be embedded between build stages Project Home Page
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  • confluence-scribbles
    More details Provides a rich SVG editor embedded in wiki pages. Can be used to annotate existing images or add new graphics. Exports a .png for all images for display across browsers.
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  • funhooks for Bitbucket Server (Stash)
    funhooks for Bitbucket Server (Stash)
    More details Inspired by Atlassian's Rainbow Charlie this plugin allows arbritrary messages with colors to be returned to users.
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  • Group Agent for Bamboo
    Group Agent for Bamboo
    More details Allows the admin to designate Local and Remote Agents as a "Group Agent". This agent will be excluded from the build pool unless a plan calls it out by name. Support for 5.x allows agents to be excluded from...
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  • Alternative Repository Triggers (Bamboo)
    Alternative Repository Triggers (Bamboo)
    More details This initial release simply addresses the public enhancement request to simplify maintenance of post-commit repository triggers. This is accomplished by delegating all logic to the server to map the single repository URL...
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