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Expium develops Atlassian add-on projects, and trains and consults with customers to "Unify Atlassian Deployment Across the Enterprise".
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Calendar Sync for Jira
Calendar Sync for Jira
More details Calendar Sync for Jira connects your Jira items to your desktop or mobile calendar. Specify as many calendar “feeds” as you like; each one can be configured with a JQL query and rules for how the items are translated to...
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  • Visualizer for Jira
    Visualizer for Jira
    More details Configuration The process is driven by a configuration panel at the top of the page. As soon as you change any of the settings, the visualization will be updated to match your configuration. Filter and query The filter and...
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  • Mass Delete for Jira
    Mass Delete for Jira
    More details Mass Delete for Jira is here to rescue you if you have accidentally (or intentionally) put many thousands of issues in your Jira instance which you now no longer need. Accidental import? Years of creating bogus issues? Write...
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  • Query Feed for Jira
    Query Feed for Jira
    More details Query Feed for Jira allows you to expose data from Jira issues as JSON resources. Thanks to its simple data and security model, it's only a matter of minutes to configure a data feed and use it in other applications -...
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  • Restricted User for Portfolio
    Restricted User for Portfolio
    More details Restricted users are able to make any changes within the Portfolio plan, including but not limited to manipulating issues, their estimates, priorities and schedules, as well as teams, releases, etc. The only restriction is...
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  • Reveal for Confluence
    Reveal for Confluence
    More details Reveal for Confluence lets you export fragments of your Confluence content for use with external applications. Just wrap the relevant fragments of your pages or blog posts in the Reveal macro, and they will be exposed via a...
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