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General questions about the Licensing Service Center 

What is the Licensing Service Center?

In our Licensing Service Center (offers.catworkx.com) you as a catworkx customer have the opportunity to compile and manage your individual license portfolio.

You can select the Atlassian products you need to meet your requirements and any apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace - then submit them to our licensing department in a bundle and request a customized quote. At the same time, you have a complete overview of all your licenses in your customer account. This allows you to keep track of whether certain licenses will soon expire and need to be renewed (Renewal), whether the number of licensed users needs to be increased (Upgrade) or reduced (Downgrade).

Which products are offered?

In our Licensing Service Center, you will find all Atlassian products and all apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace. All information used here about Atlassian applications and apps is taken from the Atlassian Marketplace (marketplace.atlassian.com).

What are Apps?

The apps offered on the Atlassian Marketplace are useful extensions and add-ons for your Atlassian software. They support you in your work with their respective Atlassian instances and help you to implement individual tasks in a targeted manner.

Which Atlassian products are avaliable at the Licensing Service Center?

In our Licensing Service Center, you will find all software offered by Atlassian as well as all apps listed on Atlassian's Marketplace.

Will the Licensing Service Center also provide me with apps that are marked as "free app" licenses?

All apps marked as "free apps" on the Atlassian Marketplace can of course also be included in your request for a quotation. These will then be sent to you free of charge.

Questions about registration and the account

How do I register?

If you are using our Licensing Service Center for the first time, please register using our registration form. You will find it in the upper right corner behind the button "My account". Please click on "register".

If you are already a customer, please also click on "My account", select the "Sign in" button and log in with your email and password.

I forgot my password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here by email.

Where can I find my already ordered licenses?

After your first registration for the catworkx Licensing Service Center, we have to manually activate you once to view your licenses. Please send us an e-mail to lsc@catwork.com and we will activate you as soon as possible.  

After successful login you will see an overview in the customer menu on the left side - under your name. Select the menu item "My Licenses" - there you will find all the licenses you have ordered. Here you can see at a glance which licenses are currently active, which will expire soon and which license type it is - Upgrade, Renewal, New, Downgrade. You can export all licenses listed there - even parts of them - to CSV, Excel or PDF documents.

If you click on the green plus sign for a license, you will get all further information about the respective license: license owner, invoice number, date of purchase, business area, technical contact, URL of the respective instance, department and department contact, deployment type and the license key.

Where can I find my invoices?

You can find them after your registration in your customer menu under "My Invoices". You have the option of exporting all your invoices to CSV, Excel or PDF documents.

Questions about offers and licenses

Which number of users is decisive for the licenses for apps?

The number of users for app licenses depends on the number of users for your Atlassian software licenses. For example, if you have a Confluence license for 25 users, the licenses for your apps must also have 25 users or more.

How do I get my license key?

As soon as you have received your offer from our licensing department and order it from us for a fee, you will receive an email from Atlassian with your license key. You can also view the license key in your customer account. It is stored there with the respective license.

How does the ordering process work?

Once you have selected your desired products and apps, you can quickly and easily obtain a quote for these licenses: Click the "Request an offer" button. Our license department will then send you an offer for the licenses you have selected. Only if you order this offer from our license department for a fee will you receive it.

Why don't I see any prices?

Please note that the Licensing Service Center does not trigger a direct order. For this reason there are no prices listed in our licensing portal. Our Licensing Service Center does not offer you a purchase in the first step - but enables you to request an individual offer for you and your company with the help of configuration fields

How do I configure my license request for Atlassian products?

In the item description for each Atlassian product and app you will find a configuration field. Here you can configure your licenses according to your requirements. For faster processing of your license order, please specify the following criteria:

  • Deployment type: Would you like to install your Atlassian software in the server, datacenter or cloud version?

  • License type: Do you need a commercial or academic license? Academic licenses are reserved for universities, colleges, and educational institutions.

  • Purchase type: Is it a request for a new license (New), an upgrade of your existing license (Upgrade), an extension of your existing license (Renewal) or a reduction of your license, e.g. if you need a license for fewer users (Downgrade)?

  • Maintenance period: How long should the duration of your license be: 12 or 24 months. 

  • User tier (server): How many users should use the software? Please note that when licensing Jira Service Desk, the number of "Agents" is calculated. Agents are the employees who can process customer requests in Jira Service Desk. Example: In your ITSM department there are five employees working on the requests of 500 customers. You then need a license for five agents for Jira Service Desk.

What is the SEN number?

Every license you purchase from Atlassian or an app vendor has a Support Entitlement Number (SEN). This unique identification number helps us to assign your licenses and assist you with support requests. Please note that the SEN is linked to the email address of your main contact person.

Support and contact

Where can I get license support?

Our license department will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your licenses. Please contact our licensing department by email or phone +49 40 890646-0.

Where can I get technical support?

If you have technical questions about Atlassian products, please contact our OSS department by email. For technical questions about apps, please contact the app developer.