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More details Find and Replace utility can be used for - Checking number... more
Product information "Find and Replace Utility Plugin"

More details

Find and Replace utility can be used for -

  • Checking number of instances of desired keyword at different pages of a space
  • Replace the keyword with some new keyword at desired pages of a space in single click
  • Updating reference links (spacekey, page name), attachments names, macro parameters etc

Options for Find and Replace -

  • Whole word search - In case we want to search for whole word as for example 'Hive'. Search results will include instances where 'Hive' word was found. Otherwise if we search for 'Hive' without selecting Whole word search it will include instances where Hive was found within word as well (as in HiveStone).
  • Case Insensitive Search - By default Find and replace looks for word with Case sensitivity enabled.
  • Exclude Storage tags - This option can be deselected to looks for term in Storage tags as well. For example inside html tag names or attributes or inside macro definitions. This option once selected updates plain text part only.
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