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Gears jira enhancement tools
Gears jira enhancement tools
More details post funcion add the current user to a given customfield(single users) of issue add the issue assignee to a given field(single user) of this issue assignee this issue to the previous assignee make the assigneer of this issue...
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  • Gears desk for Jira
    Gears desk for Jira
    More details We found that there are a lot of customers they are trained about Jira ,but still think it is complex; their requirement is very simple;they want to just only to see the issues have assigned or was assigned to them ,or can...
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  • Gears Usage Statistics for jira
    Gears Usage Statistics for jira
    More details The addon records the information of each visit page of the user, including the user's source IP, the URL address of the page and the access time, and the use of each group according to the user's group. The login and logout...
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  • Gears Lock manager for jira
    Gears Lock manager for jira
    More details Some customfields are controlled by some plug-ins, and it is not recommended to change its lock level! Jira Administrator:Jira Administrators can config it! Jira System Administrators:Jira System Administrators can config...
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  • Gears worklog-restricted for Jira
    Gears worklog-restricted for Jira
    More details Check the input of worklog on create or update worklog. Check the input of worklog on the screen of workflow. Control that you can not worklog on the specified issue type
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  • Gears issue export permission
    Gears issue export permission
    More details For some information we want it to be secure, we just want it to be browsed in jira and not printed or exported. This plug-in can perform the printing or export operations by setting the authorized person. User without...
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  • Gears Properties Manager
    Gears Properties Manager
    More details In JIRA, some custom script applications will use some related parameters to achieve specific business; for example, script Runner, when it needs to interact with third-party systems, it needs to write each other's URL,...
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