Issue Type Filters (and Security)

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Product information "Issue Type Filters (and Security)"

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Issue Type Filters (and Security) for Jira: featuring:

  • Restrict the issue types to specific groups or project roles. The filters are applied for the Create Issue operation, and optionally for the Edit/Move operation.
  • Restrict allowed parent issue types for subtasks.
  • Restrict viewing of issues by issue type, by granting "issue type security" to the Browse projects/Edit/Transition/Move/etc. permissions on a permission scheme.

The filters (for create/edit/move) are applied on Popup windows, single pages and the quick forms (e.g. found in SCRUM backlog), meaning everywhere in the user interface of Jira (including Software and Service Desk).

Configuration is simple, by using schemes, as normally done in Jira. Just follow the Configuration link when installing the addon.

Issue security works by leveraging the Jira security system, such that issues are secured to users by issue type (of scheme). Remember to re-index Jira when granting the permission.

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