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Delete Attachments (Statistics)
Delete Attachments (Statistics)
More details Identify and clean old largest attachments version for all instance Delete old attachment versions of a complete space Delete all/custom attachments Delete old attachments versions (keep latest versions). Delete attachments...
  • 4
  • 170
  • Macro usage
    Macro usage
    More details List macros usage by add-on Show whether an add-on is being used or not in any spaces/pages across the entire wiki. Light and Easy to use Choose an add-on with an autocomplete that list all installed add-ons. It takes a few...
  • 4
  • 136
  • Responsive tabs
    Responsive tabs
    More details Different visual schemes Use macro parameters to create many different and beautiful tabs skin. Easy to use A user-friendly macros. Mobile friendly Tabs are very useful to format Confluence content
  • 3
  • 93
  • Responsive Image Slider
    Responsive Image Slider
    More details Features Fully responsive Responsive Image Slideshow Touch-enabled navigation Mobile-friendly Works in all major desktop and mobile browsers HiDPI (retina) support CSS3 powered transitions
  • 3
  • 81
  • Permission Helper
    Permission Helper
    More details An easy way to diagnose why a user/group can or cannot see a certain page or space. A must have feature for administrators. Who can view/edit page Troubleshooting an End User Permission Problem List which spaces a user can...
  • 4
  • 61
  • Categorise spaces
    Categorise spaces
    More details Key features Categorise spaces View all spaces ordred by category and sub category. Quickly navigate Save time when searching space
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  • 51
  • Panels
    More details Panels enables you to format your Confluence content, and make it more attractive. It’s just the beginning! We are working on an advanced features. Please do not hesitate to share your thought. Feel free to contact us...
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  • 44
  • Events and Community (RSVP)
    Events and Community (RSVP)
    More details Keep track of all your events in one place Create and organize meetup group and events within space Blueprint. Find upcoming events in space home. Create a meetup group Provides a landing page for next and past events. Users...
  • 4
  • 25
  • Responsive Carousel
    Responsive Carousel
    More details A responsive image carousel An easy way to create many images carousel in your page. Card macro Use a customizable card to smooth the navigation inside Confluence. A customizable macro Choose page image attachements,...
  • 21
  • Widgets
    More details Contact Features Display widgets icon Display widgets text Organise widgets More features coming soon
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  • 19
  • Bulk Space Categories (labels)
    Bulk Space Categories (labels)
    More details A must have tool. Allows space administrators to view and mange space categories at a glance. View available space categories. Quick search spaces to select Add space category to many spaces Remove space category from many...
  • 13
  • Attachments usage
    Attachments usage
    More details A helpful tool for Confluence space administrators. Feel free to contact
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