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As a leading IT consulting company, Materna employs more than 2,000 staff worldwide and achieved a group turnover of EUR 254 million in 2017. Materna is a full service provider delivering a complete range of services for the premium segment: from consultation and implementation through to operations. Customers include IT organizations and user departments in companies and the public sector. Materna is organized in six business lines: IT Factory, Digital Enterprise, Government, Communications, Mobility and cbs, their subsidiary for SAP from Heidelberg.
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M.maillogger for Jira
M.maillogger for Jira
More details ⚠️ Unfortunately M.maillogger currently does not work, when notification-batching is enabled. ⚠️ M.maillogger provides an additional tab on the operation view page, which displays a history of all sent notifications of this...
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  • M.wikiGardener for Confluence
    M.wikiGardener for Confluence
    More details M.wikiGardener provides a list (Space Tools -> Add-ons) of all outdated pages in a space and suggest options when visiting outdated pages. Confirm: The content is up to date. This will update the Last Confirmed Date for the...
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  • M.smoothWorkflow for Jira
    M.smoothWorkflow for Jira
    More details two new workflow transition conditions Has Link Condition: Checks that at least one linked issue with the specified link type exists Linked Issue in Status Condition Checks that all linked issues of a specified issue type...
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  • M.userProjectRest for Jira
    M.userProjectRest for Jira
    More details The plug-in adds a new REST method to Jira, which can be used to read out all the projects a user has (specific) permissions on.
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  • M.radicalJQL for Jira
    M.radicalJQL for Jira
    More details M.radicalJQL adds three new JQL functions: parentOf Returns the parent issue of a sub-issue linkDescription Returns all issues that have an issue link with the specified description linkName Returns all issues that have an...
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  • M.userfinder for Jira
    M.userfinder for Jira
    More details The M.userfinder plug-in uses an e-mail address from a predefined field to find the corresponding user(s) within the Jira system and enters the username(s) into a second field. Example: The operator can be automatically set...
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  • M.linkPatternField for Jira
    M.linkPatternField for Jira
    More details Adds a completly new custom field type to Jira displays the value as a link the link can contain the field value at your desired position link and placeholder for field value are configurable per project Per project...
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  • M.shortLink for Confluence
    M.shortLink for Confluence
    More details M.smoothWorkflow provides the possibility to change the short link to a page so that confluence uses a defined alias for the link.
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  • M.substitutionManager
    More details M.substitutionManager provides the ability to manage substitutes for your important issues. Any notification for the absent assignee will forward to the stated substitute. Several substitutes can be stated for each issue and...
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  • M.restUnfolded for Jira
    M.restUnfolded for Jira
    More details M.restUnfolded adds new REST-functions to Jira: /admin/resolution | Adds the functionality to delete resolutions
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  • M.emailNotification
    More details Adds a button to the issue view, which lets users create and delete timed email notifications. To notify other persons it is possible to add other email addresses to the notification. The email text is configurable by the...
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