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Confluence Custom Fields
Confluence Custom Fields
More details Commonly JIRA users link Confluence pages to JIRA issues by way of 'Links'. This addon provides a custom field type 'Confluence Page Field' that can be used to: create Confluence-backed custom fields filter Confluence pages...
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  • Zabbix Plugin
    Zabbix Plugin
    More details There are many of us sysadmins out there who use Confluence as a primary source of information about their hardware and software -- the type of information that would likely contain installation instructions, configuration...
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  • Check HTTPS Certificate
    Check HTTPS Certificate
    More details If you are a system administrator with a number of cites under your management, use 'Cert Validity' macro to print expiration date and time of your SSL certificate. Just specify host address (and optionally port number) and...
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  • Restricted Content
    Restricted Content
    More details The Restricted Content macro has two parameters: permissions and message Use permissions param to list users and user groups that can view the restricted content. If left blank then only users authorised to edit the page and...
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  • Comment History
    Comment History
    More details There are no additional details.
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  • Weekly Activity Gadget
    Weekly Activity Gadget
    More details This is a handy gadget to make sure that your worklog meets your boss's requirements. Check that you have actually logged all time spent working on issues, and move to Jira work log form to log extra time if necessary.
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  • DataShare
    More details The purpose of this addon is to retrieve structured data from Confluence pages. To make this data consumable by third-party applications it is provided in JSON format. The addon subscribes to page create/update/delete...
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