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Mohami is an independent studio focused on enhancing Atlassian products through plugins. We prioritize quality, robustness, and quick customer support.
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Charts & Graphs for Bitbucket
Charts & Graphs for Bitbucket
More details Download a free trial to create beautiful and functional charts & graphs to visualize user contributions, repository activity, and more. Extend Bitbucket with the #1 rated Bitbucket add-on . ✅ Feature highlights: Visualize...
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  • 4,436
  • Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket
    Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket
    More details Download a free trial now to improve your team’s productivity with continuous integration. ✅ Feature highlights: Support for project-level configuration Support for adding multiple Jenkins servers Support for build...
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  • 3,760
  • Yet Another Commit Checker
    Yet Another Commit Checker
    More details Enforce your workflows and maintain high quality commit history with Yet Another Commit Checker. Easily configure a variety of checks and enable them globally or for specific projects and repositories. ✅ Feature...
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  • 2,846
  • Polls for Confluence
    Polls for Confluence
    More details Download a free trial of Polls for Confluence now to engage your team — vote on a product name, survey user satisfaction, or pick the time of the next company party! ✅ Feature highlights: Share your polls with other...
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  • 1,354
  • Source Editor for Confluence
    Source Editor for Confluence
    More details Download a free trial of Source Editor for Confluence now to gain greater control over your Confluence pages. ✅ Feature highlights: Powerful interface based on Visual Studio Code Minimap navigation to help you get around...
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  • 1,022
  • Image Slider for Confluence
    Image Slider for Confluence
    More details Download now to create beautiful content sliders in Confluence. You receive: Image Slider Gallery Slider Content Slider All macros are fully responsive, mobile-compatible, touch-enabled, and support keyboard navigation. ✅...
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  • 721
  • Markdown Extensions for Confluence
    Markdown Extensions for Confluence
    More details Download a free trial of Markdown Extensions for Confluence now to add seamless support for embedding, sharing, and editing markdown within Confluence. ✅ Feature highlights: Import markdown from Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab,...
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  • 704
  • Snippets for Bitbucket Server
    Snippets for Bitbucket Server
    More details Download Snippets for Bitbucket Server now for a simple way to create and share code snippets in Bitbucket Server. ✅ Feature highlights: Store your code snippets in Bitbucket Server Share your code snippets with other users...
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  • 694
  • Snippets for Confluence
    Snippets for Confluence
    More details Download Snippets for Confluence to easily embed code snippets into Confluence pages and blog posts. The following snippet providers are currently supported: Bitbucket Server Bitbucket Cloud Github Gist ✅ Feature...
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  • 604
  • Power Editor for Bitbucket
    Power Editor for Bitbucket
    More details Download Power Editor for Bitbucket to make quick edits to files without going through the local workflow. ✅ Feature highlights: Add / rename / edit / upload / delete files from the browser Resolve merge conflicts in the...
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  • 473
  • Custom Dashboards for Confluence
    Custom Dashboards for Confluence
    More details Download Custom Dashboards now for the simplest solution to create custom dashboards in Confluence. ✅ Feature highlights: Replace the default global dashboard with a custom one defined on a simple wiki page Limit access to...
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  • 457
  • News Teaser for Confluence
    News Teaser for Confluence
    More details Download News Teaser for Confluence for the best way to announce or share your news to your Confluence users. Macros you receive: News Slider News Teaser News Ticker ✅ Feature highlights: News entries can be sourced from...
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