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Play SQL S.A.S.U. is incorporated in Lyon, France. The founder is Adrien Ragot and he is working full-time on it, mainly on Spreadsheets for Confluence and providing support and consulting to users & corporates.
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Requirements Yogi
Requirements Yogi
More details Please fill in our survey about Requirement Management with the Atlassian suite ! Confluence is the best place to capture requirements. Have a look at the full description of Requirement Yogi for Confluence . We've watched...
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  • Play SQL Base
    Play SQL Base
    More details This free add-on lets you query databases (mostly HSQL and PostgreSQL). It is also the basis for the (paid) Play SQL Spreadsheets add-on with read-write features. Sexy Query Editor: SQL coloring, column list on the right,...
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  • PSEA - Play SQL Export Add-on
    PSEA - Play SQL Export Add-on
    More details This add-on cannot be used independently. It needs to be installed if you need Excel exports in Requirement Yogi or Play SQL Spreadsheets. The reason why it's provided separately is to share the library. It weighs 15Mb and...
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  • Requirement Yogi for Jira
    Requirement Yogi for Jira
    More details Requires Requirement Yogi for Confluence . Put Requirement Yogi in charge of your specifications and you will be relieved: It provides the nexus of functionality which makes navigating across requirements a breeze....
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  • Play SQL Spreadsheets for Confluence
    Play SQL Spreadsheets for Confluence
    More details Do you need a big, shared spreadsheet, right inside of Confluence? Play SQL lets you manage data just like in Excel. Do you need external systems to read and write into this spreadsheet? No problem, the spreadsheets are...
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  • SEO Manager (open-source)
    SEO Manager (open-source)
    More details It's open-source. If you have specific needs, just fork it from this repository: . Important: The author does not provide support for this add-on. Please ensure you have an in-house...
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  • Play SQL Forms
    Play SQL Forms
    More details Requires Play SQL Spreadsheets 2.12. Your company has specific business data. You manage bookings, articles, people, and you would like to share with your colleagues. With Play SQL Forms, you’ll be able to display custom...
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  • SQL Connector
    SQL Connector
    More details IMPORTANT: This app is going to be retired soon. Please do not install. Former description: Supported vendors: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL. Requires your database to be accessible from the Internet. This is a Beta. Please read...
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  • RY Testing and Compliance
    RY Testing and Compliance
    More details After the success of Requirement Yogi, we've had many requests for a testing solution that works with a document. Working with documents improves the quality of the testing, thanks to pictures and explanations! Write a...
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