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SVG out
SVG out
More details The SVG Out Cloud plug-in provides SVG support for Confluence Cloud. The core features are: Links keep functional: all embedded links in the SVG keep functional. Add links to any the SVG element which are automatically...
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  • Tree View
    Tree View
    More details PLEASE NOTE: the app is still free for Server users as stated below! Tree View can be used to watch or un-watch a tree of pages (a page an all its descendants) with just one click. The app is open source and free for...
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  • Simple Cite
    Simple Cite
    More details The Simple Cite plugin brings citation functionality to Confluence. The plugin comes with the following macros: Single Cite: use this macro to make a new cite/reference on the page. The macro body will hold the reference....
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  • Smart Questions and Answers
    Smart Questions and Answers
    More details Smart Questions and Answers brings questions and answers functionality to Confluence. It is based on existing Confluence features: child-pages under a "topic"-page serve as questions, comments are...
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  • Attachment Boxes
    Attachment Boxes
    More details Attachment Boxes automatically adds the defined labels to attachments uploaded into a box including drag & drop. The attachments of a box are shown by Confluence's native Attachments macro limited to that label or set of...
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  • Simple Checkout
    Simple Checkout
    More details Simple Checkout adds attachment check-out (lock) functionality to Confluence. When an attachment is checked-out other users can't edit it. The features in detail: Worry-free check-out: a click on "Edit with ..."...
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  • Edit Permission Inheritance
    Edit Permission Inheritance
    More details Edit Permission Inheritance provides an easy way to inherit edit permissions to all child pages: Turn on edit permission inheritance in the restrictions dialog of the parent page. Define lower level edit permission...
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  • Exact Match Boost
    Exact Match Boost
    More details Exact Match Boost is very simple plug-in which boosts your exact matches further up in the search results and therefore addresses parts of the Confluence issue 14910 . When you search for usability those results will be...
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  • Simple User Anonymizer (GDPR)
    Simple User Anonymizer (GDPR)
    More details 💡 Simple User Anonymizer also anonymizes groups! Simple User Anonymizer can be used to implement the "Right to be Forgotton" out of the GDPR or similar requirements. It anonymizes all contributions of a user or...
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