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WatchTower - Bridge for multiple Jiras
WatchTower - Bridge for multiple Jiras
More details WatchTower - Bridge for multiple Jiras - solves the pain of working with federated Jira environment. A fast & easy way to grasp the whole picture from remote Cloud, Server, or DC locations on one control panel. A true...
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  • Reopening Counter for Jira
    Reopening Counter for Jira
    More details Reopening Counter shows how many times a previously resolved issue was reopened for fixing again. This counter serves as a KPI of your project quality. Reopening Counter gives visibility on problematic points in development...
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  • Agile Remaining Estimate Counter
    Agile Remaining Estimate Counter
    More details The Agile Remaining Estimate Counter (AREC) is an app for Jira that allows you to monitor if you meet your sprint commitment by showing correct results for remaining estimates. It enhances Scrum boards by counting on issues...
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  • Range Estimate for Jira
    Range Estimate for Jira
    More details Alternatively to exact estimates, range estimates allow providing a realistic picture of tasks in case of risks and uncertainty. Range Estimate allows to set optimistic (original) and pessimistic estimates easily. The app...
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  • Requirements Clarity Map
    Requirements Clarity Map
    More details Requirements Clarity Map presents requirements in a visual way as a tree graph highlighting: requirements clarity (UNKNOWN | UNCERTAIN | CLEAR) size (in XS | S | M | L | XL format or numbers) structure (parents) status as...
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  • Time Reports for Remote Jira
    Time Reports for Remote Jira
    More details Time Reports for Remote Jira enhances WatchTower addon by allowing you to track time logged in multiple Jira instances. Install Time Reports for Remote Jira addon inside the base WatchTower app; Configure several Jira...
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  • Streak Connector for Jira
    Streak Connector for Jira
    More details JSC plugin will be useful for those, who use Streak CRM for their daily mailing processes and communicating with teams, who use Jira for their daily project needs. The main advantage is speeding up a negotiation process. JSC...
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  • FreshBooks Connector for Jira
    FreshBooks Connector for Jira
    More details Jira Freshbooks Connector is a plugin that resolves a problem of double reporting for users of these applications. It allows you to send worklogs from Jira to Freshbooks with 1 click and keep worklogs synchronized...
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  • Absence Tracking for Jira
    Absence Tracking for Jira
    More details With Absence Tracking for Jira, you can automate work logging for each day of an employee's absence. The app facilitates the process of worklog tracking for PM, HR Managers and Team Leads during vacations, sick leaves and...
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  • Trello Board Inside Jira
    Trello Board Inside Jira
    More details Trello Board Inside Jira enhances your team's collaboration between Trello and Jira - the app extends WatchTower app by allowing you to add multiple Trello boards as sources to view, comment and track Trello cards from your...