Shipping and payment terms


Generally we deliver licenses electronically; this also applies to training media ("access to virtual media"). These articles usually do not incur any shipping costs. Exceptions are printed training materials, which we send in exceptional cases by post. Here, shipping costs may apply, which we will identify separately in the order acceptance / in the invoice.

For all on-site appointments such as Training may incur travel expenses and expenses, which we charge according to our price list (to be requested at in addition to the products / services.

Terms of payment

We deliver our products and services with the terms of payment "10 days net".

Travel expenses for services and training

Trips with a car will be charged with 0.80 € per km (shortest / optimal easy route motorway Google Maps).
Bus and train travel will be charged according to actual costs.
Intra-German flights are usually in Economy Class, subject to availability and will also be billed at actual cost.
Hotel costs in each case by voucher (German category 4 stars).
Travel / travel time is set at 90 € per hour. The starting point is the place of employment of the respective employee and the duration of the journey to the customer.
The aforementioned charge rates and conditions apply only to domestic. Billing rates and conditions for assignments abroad on request.
The applicable VAT is not included in these rates and will be charged additionally.