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STAGIL Navigation for Jira
STAGIL Navigation for Jira
More details Bring your Jira top navigation and your overall Jira appearance to the next level with STAGIL Navigation: Completely configure the top navigation bar to your needs. Hide Jira system and apps menus. Create your own menus with...
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  • STAGIL Assets - Advanced Links
    STAGIL Assets - Advanced Links
    More details STAGIL Assets leverages the native linking features between issues in Jira and transforms your Jira into an asset management system. You can cover – but are surely not limited to – following enterprise elements: Assets...
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  • STAGIL Tables for Jira
    STAGIL Tables for Jira
    More details STAGIL Tables for Jira allows you to manage multiple data sets in one Jira table custom field. Enrich your Jira issues with additional information that has to be displayed in a table. Sometimes, the available Jira custom...
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  • STAGIL Create and Link - Issue Templates
    STAGIL Create and Link - Issue Templates
    More details With STAGIL Create and Link you can easily create single or multiple new issues from define create and link buttons. When you often have to create new issues that relate to other issues, this app will make your daily work...
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  • STAGIL Jira Issue Table for Confluence
    STAGIL Jira Issue Table for Confluence
    More details Many great Atlassian teams start within Confluence. But Jira can be so close: Offer Jira issue creation for Confluence users without the need to switch the applications. Features include: Create Jira issues with extended...
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  • STAGIL Incoming Links
    STAGIL Incoming Links
    More details Use STAGIL Incoming Links for Confluence to list all incoming links to a page on that same page, including: Space settings Label search Sort feature Link prefixes HTML tags
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  • STAGIL Project Creator
    STAGIL Project Creator
    More details STAGIL Project Creator makes project creation simple. Create Jira Projects, Epic Issue Structures, Tempo Accounts and Confluence Spaces in a single action. Use Jira native workflows to trigger the creation. Our most popular...
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  • STAGIL Navigation for Confluence
    STAGIL Navigation for Confluence
    More details Bring your Confluence top navigation and your overall Confluence appearance to the next level with STAGIL Navigation: - Completely configure the top navigation bar to your needs. - Hide Confluence system and add-on menus. -...
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  • STAGIL Hide Comment
    STAGIL Hide Comment
    More details Have you ever used the comment field in the issue edit screens? Have you ever wished to get rid of it, especially on screens with many custom fields and several tabs? Get control over Jira's default comment field and clean...
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  • STAGIL Password Manager
    STAGIL Password Manager
    More details Leverage native Jira features with STAGIL Password Manager: The app gives you a password custom field type, to apply your requirements and add to the right issue screens. To determine the status for a password, you can...
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  • STAGIL Profiles and Skills
    STAGIL Profiles and Skills
    More details Make profiles great and offer your people room for their CV, skill, and personal profile information in Confluence. It's easier to find and connect the right people across the company. Features incl.: Connect your user...
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  • STAGIL Database Sync
    STAGIL Database Sync
    More details STAGIL Database Synchronizer brings data from any SQL database to your Jira. For example you can synchronize data from ERP, Project, Asset, Inventory, CMDB or Financial Systems. STAGIL Database Synchronizer allows you to...
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