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STAGIL Reports
STAGIL Reports
More details Jira offers features for calculating progress or custom reports for Project Management and Business Teams. STAGIL Reports for Jira uses custom fields incl. scripts and JQL-based filtering and uses Jira dashboards to...
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  • STAGIL Lunch Order
    STAGIL Lunch Order
    More details STAGIL Lunch Order features: Set permissions and schedulers for your Service Team, Manage different types of Meals and additional services, Inform your Caterer about the lunch orders via email, Let Employees and Guests order...
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  • STAGIL Issue Creator
    STAGIL Issue Creator
    More details There are no additional details.
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  • STAGIL Workflows and Fields
    STAGIL Workflows and Fields
    More details STAGIL Workflows and Fields for Confluence brings the power of Jira workflows into Confluence, without the need of rebuilding already existing Jira workflows with all it's validators, conditions and transitions! With our app...
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  • STAGIL Assets Link Graph for Confluence
    STAGIL Assets Link Graph for Confluence
    More details This app is connected with STAGIL Assets for Jira and provides integration features for Confluence. STAGIL Assets brings Enterprise Asset and Object Management to Jira for Business, Software and ITSM teams: Assets, CIs of...
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