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StiltSoft is a highly-motivated and initiative team of developers with priceless and rich experience in Atlassian Ecosystem since 2010. Being an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor, Atlassian Silver Solution Partner and Atlassian Verified Vendor, we deliver new functionality for Atlassian products by developing handy apps for Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket. 4000+ customers from more than 80 countries worldwide trust StiltSoft using our solutions to boost their productivity. Our top-selling apps are Data Center approved (enterprise ready) and available in Hosted and Cloud versions.
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Table Filter and Charts for Confluence
Table Filter and Charts for Confluence
More details Table Filter and Charts is a versatile BI-tool for Confluence with the support for combining (nesting) multiple macros. Take advantage of its features: 1. Basic and advanced table filtration : filter text, numbers, dates,...
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  • No Email Storm
    No Email Storm
    More details If you use Data Center, check No Email Storm for Confluence Data Center. If you always forget to uncheck Notify Watchers when editing Confluence pages and bother your colleagues with tons of spam notifications about minor...
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  • 4,122
  • Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket
    Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket
    More details Award-winning and top rated app for Bitbucket Server used by 1,600+ companies including Apple, Dell, Intel, Visa. Use cases: Analyze work of the whole team: capture trends, identify bottlenecks Get insights about the code...
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  • 2,312
  • Handy Macros for Confluence
    Handy Macros for Confluence
    More details Handy Macros is a solution that introduces a new level of interactivity in your Confluence Cloud. Manage and set up pre-defined lists of statuses. Add the status sets to your Confluence pages. Switch statuses in the page...
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  • Smart Attachments for Jira ???
    Smart Attachments for Jira ???
    More details ? Want to use this Cloud app for free? ? Join our Product Advisory Program and get free access to all our new Cloud apps. ? The Smart Attachments app for Jira Cloud lets you tag documents with labels and use them for better...
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  • Courses and Quizzes - LMS for Confluence
    Courses and Quizzes - LMS for Confluence
    More details Schedule a call or complete a 3-question survey to tell us what you are looking for in an app. A handy tool for creating quizzes, tests and training courses in Confluence. The capabilities provided by the add-on allow you to...
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  • TeamCity Integration for Jira
    TeamCity Integration for Jira
    More details Use Jira Server? Check out our TeamCity Integration app for Jira Server . TeamCity Integration for Jira app connects the continuous integration server with the issue tracker and delivers development data to you. Build data...
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  • Talk - Advanced Inline Comments
    Talk - Advanced Inline Comments
    More details Talk - Advanced Inline Comments for Confluence provides inline comments that are different from those available out-of-the-box in Confluence and offers capabilities for more efficient collaboration. Use Talk to: view inline...
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  • InPlace Editor for Confluence
    InPlace Editor for Confluence
    More details InPlace Editor delivers a convenient way to instantly edit large pages by parts enclosed within section headings of different levels. Use the following features for efficient page editing: Quickly edit page sections in the...
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  • Evernote Integration for Confluence
    Evernote Integration for Confluence
    More details Evernote Integration for Confluence allows you to copy notes from your Evernote account to Confluence pages. It comes in handy when you use Evernote to create job related notes on the go or while offline and then need to...
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  • Reactions for Confluence
    Reactions for Confluence
    More details Lets you add emojis to react to what is written on a Confluence page or respond to page comments. Extends the 'Like' feature and provides a more expressive way to communicate your emotional reactions. Use cases: Easily let...
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  • Customer Case - Jira Support & Feedback
    Customer Case - Jira Support & Feedback
    More details This is app from StiltSoft team. We're Atlassian Verified Vendor and Silver Solution Partner with more than 3,400 customers worldwide. Here are some use cases of our solution: ◦ Issue reports from external users. Let...
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