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TechTime Report Abuse
TechTime Report Abuse
More details Social media communities bring all forms of one-to-one social interactions into the virtual realm - including the negative ones like violations of privacy, bullying and even damage to reputations. Report Abuse gives a level...
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  • TechTime EasyPage Blueprint
    TechTime EasyPage Blueprint
    More details With Easy Page Blueprint you can be certain that there is a level of consistency of the information that users enter when they create a new page within a space. Easy Page Blueprint ensures that users always provide...
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  • Easy SSO (Fisheye) Kerberos/NTLM
    Easy SSO (Fisheye) Kerberos/NTLM
    More details Why EasySSO? Has been on the market since 2008. 2-for-1: you get Kerberos and NTLM SSO solution in one Fisheye and Crucible add-on. Flexible features to support complex deployments e.g. mixed intranet/internet/extranet...
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  • EasyTime – Automatic time tracking
    EasyTime – Automatic time tracking
    More details The killer missing functionality for people who value time, every time. Get your free trial and see how much time you will save. Be Lazy, The Machine Does It Better! Highlights: records time in predefined chunks aligns...
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  • TechTime Group Share
    TechTime Group Share
    More details When you need specific user groups to be notified about pages on specific topics in a space - Group Share removes the need to request your staff to become space watchers first or having to ‘share’ a page to the specific user...
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  • TechTime Send2Next Sprint
    TechTime Send2Next Sprint
    More details Did you ever wish you've had a button to send your current or backlog issue to the first scheduled un-started sprint? Well, we did too, so for our own sake we've developed an add-on to Jira Software and now you can just use...
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  • TechTime PageStats
    TechTime PageStats
    More details Often an overview is desired that will give information on how exactly people are interacting with the content. PageStats collects information about main interactions that users have with content in Confluence and presents...
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  • TechTime CSS Switcher Plugin
    TechTime CSS Switcher Plugin
    More details This plugin allows one to specify alternative CSS stylesheets to create skins for your Confluence. Change colours, sizes, layouts as much as you want. Make this part of your adaptive design - incorporate a switching link...
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  • TechTime WordCloud
    TechTime WordCloud
    More details It is often useful to know what content is most active in a space. TechTime WordCloud provides a visual way to view this information, allowing you to know what is really important to your users. By constructing a word-cloud...
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  • TechTime Copyright Utils
    TechTime Copyright Utils
    More details This plugin provides a Velocity context item that can be used in space decorators and custom themes to embed configurable copyright information text with dates being updated automatically. A macro is also provided to insert...
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  • TechTime ForumSpace
    TechTime ForumSpace
    More details ForumSpace is the base plate for PowerForum solutions. It provides a fast way to configure a forum space, with defined user, moderator and admin groups; configures flat Space Hierarchy, promotes EasyPage blueprint in Create...
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  • TechTime Space Policy
    TechTime Space Policy
    More details Many organisations find it is vital to have a code of conduct or policies around how their employees interact in a shared space to prevent disagreements or unwanted behaviour. Ensuring all users understand these rules is...
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